We decided to make a fun item today to celebrate SpongeBob’s birthday: Spat, his loving and hard-working spatula. SpongeBob uses Spat to cook the yummy Krabby Patties at the Krusty Krab. Enjoy & thank you for your tremendous support! Please subscribe: http://bit.ly/2MSo8WW

Kerry Stagmer – Swordsmith and Machinist
Matt Stagmer- Swordsmith / Blade Grinder
Ilya Alekseyev – Bladesmith / Armourer
John Mitchell – Shop forman / Lead fabricator
Ferenc Gregor – Carving and design
Bill Collison- Assistant Blade Grinder
Rick Janney- Assistant Smith
Tanner Saslow – Machinist/Knifemaker

Episode Produced and Directed By
Executive producer – Brendan Kennedy

Supervising Producer – Warren Tessler
Office Production Coordinator – Sarah Rivera

Baltimore Forge Crew:
Producer – Kerry Stagmer
Director of Photography – Paulius Kontijevas
Story Producer — Katie Shinsato
Production Manager – Patricia Parris
Runner/PA – Tori Markham
Camera Op – Chris Mariles
Set Medic – Kevin Dugard
1st AC – Jason Remeikis
2nd AC – Michael “MJ” Johnson
DIT – Nate Spivey
Gaffer – Steve Scott
Grip – Jeff Calloway

Post Production:
Lead Editors – Stephen Erdmann
Post Sound – Anthony Vanchure
Director of Post Production – Michael Gallagher

Spat, the Hydrodynamic Spatula – SpongeBob SquarePants – MAN AT ARMS: REFORGED